Monday, 31 March 2008

More Little People

(Click for larger image)

We found these at North Scarle car boot yesterday, It was the first one there of the season and pretty small (for North Scarle). These are actually three sets, Little People ABC Zoo, Little People House, and Little People ABC Zoo train. They are in great condition and are complete. Emma loves them, Little People are always a hit with her, which is why we always buy them if the price is right!

And how much where these? I haggled him down to £3 a set, thats £9 the lot, but not bad as they are £65 the lot in the shops!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Bob The Builder Vehicles

We picked up the first four of these Bob The Builder vehicles from some friends from DontDumpThat a few weeks ago. Yesterday Mandy found two more at Torksey car boot, we still need another couple or so to complete the set, I'm sure they'll turn up soon. And they cost a tenner each new too.

They cost us £1.50 each, not a bad price, but when you realise we have paid £3 the lot so far, its a great price!

North Scarle car boot started up again today, and we found some Fisher Price Little People stuff, more about that tomorrow!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Fisher Price Roll-a-Round Action town

At Torksey today we found a Fisher Price Roll-a-Round Action Town and Emma loves it! It has little cars, planes and boats that have balls inside with faces on them so they can roll about. The town has a red lever to pull and everything spins too! It all in pretty good condition and seems complete.

Emma especially likes the cars, she can carry them about and they rattle too, although right now she is posting a plastic fish from her play-kitchen through the door of the Action Town, but shes happy!

And how much was this? Mandy found it for sale, they wanted £3 for it, she fetched me as she doesn't like to haggle, I got it down to £2.50, mind you the rain had started and some sellers where starting to pack up.

We got some Bob The Builder vehicles too, more about them another time!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story Definitive Edition DVD

What a bargain I found today, in Poundland, Lincolns only real Poundshop! I found Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story Definitive Edition DVD. I couldn't believe it, I'd had the one DVD version for a while, and paid £12 for it, but the 2 DVD version for a pound! It has to be the bargain of the week!

I'm giving my one DVD version to a good mate, I know he will appreciate it :) If you click the link above you can read all about this fantastic DVD. All I can suggest is you rush into town in the hope they have some of these left!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Car Boot From Hell Video From YouTube

I found this on YouTube, it is pretty amusing, so I thought I'd share it here :)

Four DVDs I've bought this week

In the last seven days I have bought these four DVDs, each was only £1, which is a pretty good deal!

They are Cabin Fever, V for Vendetta, Malevolence, & Ginger Snaps. As a horror movie fan, I can say all are good movies and V for Vendetta is one of my personal all time favorites! I see no reason to rent DVDs any more, I just buy ones I see that I like the look of, the only problem is this has left me with over 1,300 DVDs, all originals! I have a massive amount in the loft as housing them has become a problem, my loft conversion will be partly to home them all! I am again trying to watch one a night, but its proving to be awkward!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Little People Animal Sounds Farm

Today I bought this from Torksey, Little People Animal Sounds Farm, the link is for the new version BTW.

It was still boxed, with instructions, stickers not attached (I fixed them on earlier). There are two missing "parts", the horse and the scarecrow. Luckily we already have a horse that is compatible and the scarecrow is pretty irrelevant. There where five parts that don't belong in the box, we think three are parts for other "Little People" sets, so we are keeping them safe, a little people Tiger and a plastic hammer :)

We where both very pleased to find this, as Emma already has other "Little People" sets and the price was fantastic, just £2.50! I haggled her down from £3, which I would have paid, but you have to haggle don't you! :)

I picked up some DVDs too, I'll talk about them tomorrow!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Dora The Explorer T-Shirt

We got this Dora The Explorer T-Shirt (genuine licensed) for my daughter from DontDumpThat this weekend for free. The price was right, its in great condition and it suits her! It goes with the 14 Dora The Explorer books we got in mint condition, also from DontDumpThat, so also for free :)

And here is Emma modeling it too :)

Monday, 24 March 2008

Some Car Boot Bargains Today

We picked these up from North Kesteven car boot this morning, it wasn't a very big boot, only 20 stalls, no doubt yesterdays snow put sellers off, but parking and admission was free!

The boxed Dungeons & Dragons board game was 50p, I have previously been given one of these, there are a few parts missing, this looks complete, in fact it looks UNUSED, if anything is missing I'll replace them from my other set and paint any spare plastic figures!

I'm a comic fan so I was pleased to find Bad Company Book 4, especially for 50p!

Mandy picked up two picture frames, for just 10p each! Not a bad day for a small boot!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Buying At Car Boot Hints

Here is some info I want to share about buying from car boots;

Arriving early is a good idea if you are looking for valuable/collectible/rare items, but your still only going to be at the front when they finally let the buyers in. I usually arrive at opening time. But some boots open a lot earlier to buyers than advertised, so it can be worth finding out when they really open to the public, if in doubt, ask a stallholder.

Haggling - If the item your interested in is being sold by a trader (someone who comes weekly and does many car boots), chances are he won't come down in price, but its worth a try. If its a "real" car booter (only there for the day so wants to sell out) its worth haggling, but don't be silly, if he wants a tenner for an item, its unlikely he will take a pound! If for example books are 30p each and you want say four, offer a pound for the four, chances are they'll accept this.

Women are more likely to take a your offer price!

Some traders its worth being chatty and friendly to, I've found this way they are more likely to take your offer.

If your late to the boot, so many buyers have already been round, this is a great time to haggle, the car booter knows its take your offer or probably take it home!

Don't go wearing your best three piece suit, if they think you have money, they are less likely to come down in price! Also if the car boot is ran on a field, you will get muddy in the winter months.

Poor weather doesn't mean the car boot is canceled, but it does certainly mean it will have less sellers. I have got some of my best bargains when the weather is poor.

If you want the car boot to be as big as possible (more sellers, so more choice) it has to be during the summer months, I recommend after a few days (the more the better) or so of good weather.

Car boots that are only ran occasionally, such as on bank holidays only, can be goldmines, you find very few traders are there, so almost everyone wants to sell out!

Take a pocket full of change and pound coins, its no good haggling something down to a pound, they expecting the seller to change a £20 note. I usually pay to park with a tenner or twenty, giving me a lot of change!

Some people won't accept your offer, so unless you REALLY want the item, walk away. There will be another one, maybe even at the same car boot. You can always tell the car booters who are asking too much, they are the ones with faces like an arse thats been slapped and nobody is buying off them!

If you have walked away, its worth returning to the stall on your way out, if your wanted item is still there, tell the trader "I'm about to leave, have you considered my offer" I've found a few will now accept your offer, others will haggle you up a little and you still get a bargain, a few won't, but as I said there are plenty more stalls at the next car boot!

Old people seem to believe things like DVDs are worth a fortune, I can't work out why, perhaps its "that new fangled technology" they believe is so expensive?

I hope for find some of these useful and remember rules may change from area to area. Good Luck!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Brass Door Handles

As you may have already read, I have been given some panel doors for upstairs, they had something missing, the handles and hinges. About two weeks ago, I bought these, five pairs of door handles, with internal latches and bar too. I just need to buy some brass effect screws the plate for the door-frame from B&Q and thats it! And I only need three of them, so the unused two I'll probably give away on my favorite free website, DontDumpThat!

And how much where these? I paid £2 the lot, I think thats pretty fair :)

Friday, 21 March 2008

MYSTOY Wooden Elephant

We found this in the Mencap charity shop, I originally bought it to give to my daughter, but have since kept it as an ornament, it has a sticker "MYS TOY" on it, it really looks like a good quality 60s-70s toy. I can';t find anything about it on the internet, but it is in good condition and appears to be complete! Its about 6" high and 8" long.

And how much was this? I paid 20p, pretty good I think!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

TV Times Coronation Street & Family At War Extra

I found these a few weeks ago, they are from 1970 (Coronation Street) and 1973 (Family At War), TV Times "Extras", full 64 page magazines. Mandy likes this kind of thing, I'm not a fan but it was really interesting to read!

And what did I pay for these two magazines? I was in a mean mood, he wanted 40p the pair, I paid him 35p (offer him a £20 note, if he can't change it, offer less then the agreed price in change "its all I've got") :)

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


I love coffee, I used to have one of those machines that keep coffee hot all day, but I decided it wasn't very "Green" so I got one of these instead. The "plunger" on the first one eventually snapped, so I bought a new one from Asda, the glass eventually broke, so I made a hybrid from the two, again, the glass eventually broke, so I bought this one from a car boot for £1. I now keep two, one for use and one to replace the one in use if it breaks. £1 each is pretty good!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Celing Rose

I found this in a Gainsborough Charity Shop today, brand new and still sealed. It'll be a while until it gets put on the living room celing, as we are taking all the plaster off the walls and re-plasterboarding the celing too, so it has a year or so wait.

And how much was this 400mm rose? £1.50!

And this teatime a friend brought me 4 pine panel doors, neatly varnished and in great condition, they will finish the upstairs and these where £FREE, my favorite price!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Wooden Noahs Ark

I bought this for Emma this weekend, its a lovely wooden Noahs Ark, it comes apart, the hull becomes a shape sorter for the wooden animals and even the cabin and stairs come off .

Guess the price? Just £1! And Emma loves it, although I don't think she understands it yet :)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ladybird Books

When Emma was born, my wife and I discussed how we both liked Ladybird Books as children and decided to buy a few. Emma is now 21 months old and the two pictures above show the collection so far.

I found a list of all released titles on the internet and then decided to get all produced until 1979 (they became very "Thomas the Tank Engine", "The Power Rangers", "Superman" etc. after this date). I have paid between 5p and 25p each for them, some do sell on ebay for silly money now, but don't get excited if you have the odd one, it depends on the title, release date and condition.

I am careful with the condition, I like spines intact and no drawing in them (in hope Emma will learn to respect books). I still need about 400 to complete the set, its unlikely I will ever find the lot, but it'll be a nice set of books for her, nomatter how many I get, when she can read and likes stories!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Crisis Comic Collection

Torksey Car Boot - January 2008: I have to mention these first! This is a run of "Crisis" comic, from 01-55, they are pretty rare now and very hard to find. Some still have the free gifts (stickers etc.) still attached!

And what did I pay for this collection? The seller told me he didn't want to take them home and as he had already brought them a few times he was happy with £1 the lot - So you can guess I didn't haggle! I already have over 60,000 comics in digital format, that's another load added to my "to read" pile :)

The boring first post...

I buy a lot from car boot sales etc. I visit two boots weekly in the winter and 3+ a week in the summer, plus go to the local Poundshop, charity shops etc. too, so in this blog I hope to show you the bargains I have bought.

I am married with a toddler and a severely disabled teenager, we bought our house a couple of years ago and I am also renovating it (no central heating when we moved in), so am always on the lookout for all kinds of things, but still try to buy sensibly!